Marie-Louise-and-Rudi-640x480Players not involved in the Nations Team Quiz (and this will be the majority of attendees) are invited to form teams of four to contest the 'Aspirational Cup' instead. This alternative competition uses the same format as, and runs in parallel to, the Nations Team Quiz. With the exception of the knockout finals matches, it employs exactly the same questions as the Nations Team Quiz - and is every bit as competitive!

These quizzes consists of 100 questions over seven rounds. The first five rounds contain 12 questions each and the final two papers each have 20 questions.

The two highest scoring teams will take part in a head-to-head final in the main room while all other teams are playing along too.

Olympiad medals will be awarded to the top three teams. This competition will have similar standing to IOC demonstration sports and will not feature on the overall medals table.

No team? No problem

Scratch teams can either be formed online on our Facebook page (there will a dedicated thread for this), or at the event itself. We will help find you a team on the day if you aren't able to find one beforehand.