IQA representatives for each participating nation have been invited to form teams of four players to compete in this event. These teams will contest the Nations Team Quiz. The quiz consists of 100 questions over seven rounds. The first five rounds contain 12 questions each and the final two papers each have 20 questions.

The highest scoring teams will take part in semi-finals and there will be a final event in front of an audience. The third and fourth placed will play a ‘bronze final’. Teams not making the play-offs will play for final placings also, but in the form of a ‘table quiz’ (all teams facing the same questions).

Olympiad medals will be awarded to the top three teams.

The IQA will award IQA medals to the three highest scoring teams from each region, providing the region fields four or more teams.

If you haven’t been selected to play for your national team, the Aspirational Team Quiz runs in parallel to this competition, using the same questions.