Ronny-and-Tero-Quizzing-640x480We’re going to test your speed of recall in a two-minute quiz. There will be three heats and you can participate in all three if you would like to. These questions will be short, with key words in bold to level the playing field as far as possible for those whose first language is not English. The questions will be multiple choice too to prevent there being issues with illegible handwriting.

Each quiz will have more questions than we think you can answer in the time and there will be a countdown clock that will play for the final 30 seconds of the quiz. As the last note sounds you MUST drop your pen or face disqualification.

There will be three heats and the highest scoring player from each heat along with the highest scoring runner up over all will take part in a buzzer final to find the fastest quizzer at the Quiz Olympiad.

Olympiad medals will be awarded to the players taking the top three places.