You will need to book your quiz package through us and your hotel room directly with the hotel. We are offering ‘Quiz and Food’ packages for quizzers and a ‘Food Only’ package for non-quizzing guests. The ‘Quiz and Food’ packages cost €375 (approx £275) for the full four-day event, or €150 (approx £110) for a Friday-only package.

Please note: Bookings close on 30 September 2016.

Quiz and Food Package - Four Day
€ 375.00
All Available Quizzes
Opening Ceremony and Dinner
Lunch and Dinner on Friday and Saturday
Trip To The Acropolis on Saturday
Lunch on Sunday At The Quiz Oympiad in Athens from 3-6 November 2016.
Quiz and Food Package - Friday Only
€ 150.00
All Available Quizzes on Friday
Lunch on Friday and either Dinner on Friday or the Opening Ceremony and Dinner on Thursday.
Non-Quizzer Package
€ 150.00
Lunch and Dinner on Friday and Saturday
Trip To The Acropolis on Saturday
Three Island Cruise (Monday 7 November)
€ 85.00
Cruise To The Beautiful Islands Of Hydra
Poros and Aegina.
Includes Lunch, Entertainment and Transfers From Olympiad Village.
Cape Sounion Trip (Friday 5 November)
€ 45.00
Private Coach Trip To Cape Sounion With Tour Guide
(Excludes entry fee to Temple of Poseidon - €6)
Additional Ticket For Opening Ceremony And Dinner
€ 75.00
Opening Ceremony and Dinner

In addition to all the quiz events and the trip to the Acropolis, we have arranged a number of optional excursions to help keep quizzers and accompanying guests entertained. Details can be found here.


Hotel Accommodation

You can book your accommodation directly here

How to book

  • Enter your arrival/departure date and number of adults. Availability search
  • Booking Code: Enter the code QUIZATH2016 to access the special rates.
  • Proceed booking according to your needs.


For your information, the following conditions apply:

Title of Event: QUIZ OLYMPIAD 2016
Rates valid for period: 3 – 6 November 2016
Single Superior room: € 160.00
Twin Superior room: € 180.00

*Rates include American Buffet Breakfast, wi-fi and all current taxes

Attendee access code: QUIZATH2016
Cut off date: Attendees can enter their booking till 4 October 2016 , which is the cut-off date. After this date, any additional new bookings can be made offline by direct communication with the hotel and will be subject to hotel’s availability

Cancellation policy:

  • Upon confirmation of an individual room reservation, a 1-night NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT PAYMENT is required for the guarantee of the reservation. The one night deposit is non-refundable as of the booking date.
  • Room reservation can be cancelled up to 3 days prior guest’s arrival without further cancellation penalty, except from the 1-night non-refundable deposit payment.
  • Cancellation from 2 days before guest’s arrival and onwards and in case of non-show or earlier departures guest will be charged at full amount for the full duration of the original reservation.

You are not obliged to stay in the Olympiad Village hotel.