Knock-Out Quiz

A fast-paced quiz event with direct elimination after each short round. With some luck, you can beat very strong opponents and proceed to the finals.


1. You have get one answer sheet (random). Each answer sheet is different and contains a number of table numbers. You go to the table number next to round one.

2. In each round, you will play the other quiz player at that table.
(if there’s no one there for the first round, you got lucky). Only the winner goes to the next table on the answer sheet. The other one is eliminated.

3. Each round contains 5 questions and a tie-breaker. Whoever answers most of the 5 questions correctly, wins the round. In case there is a tie, we look at the tie-breaker question and whoever is closest to the answer wins. In the unlikely event you both gave the same answer for the tie-breaker, we look at the previous round and its tie-breaker etc.

4. This way the number of active players will go down rapidly. When we reach the last 4, they play semi-finals. The winners of which will play for gold and silver, the losers will play for bronze.