Description Price Remaining Quantity

This package includes the six meals that are part of the full "Quizzer Food & Drink" package.
€ 180.00 99

This package includes the three evening meals that are part of the full "Quizzer Food & Drink" package.
€ 100.00 98

Grab your passport and join us for a full-day post-Olympiad excursion to Gibraltar with a guided tour of the Rock to visit the Barbary macaques! 95 euros/person
€ 95.00 41

A cheeky whole day trip to the spectacular city of Ronda will kick-off your Quiz Olympiad experience in style! 55 euros/person
€ 55.00 43

Truly the hottest ticket in Quizland - it should be good and sunny on the Costa del Sol :D. This package includes all the quizzes from Thursday to Sunday plus dinner on Thursday, lunch and dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. See you there! When you register, you will be asked which specialist subjects you would like to play. You'll be given an opportunity to change your selections before the event.
€ 485.00 111
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Please use the code QUIZ2024 when you book your accommodation.

Single room: 98.00 euros
Double room: 108 euros

Inclusive of breakfast and VAT.

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