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Nations Cup Nico Pattyn, Tom Trogh, Lander Frederickx, Ronny Swiggers Igor Habal, Ove Põder, Kaarel Silmato, Illar Tõnisson Raj Dhuwalia, Jakob Myers, Matt Jackson, Shane Whitlock
Aspirational Cup Paul Arts (Belgium), Jens Everaerdt (Belgium), Kris Van der Coelden (Belgium), Tero Kalliolevo (Finland) Lars Heggland (Norway), Arild Tørum (Norway), Espen Kibsgård (Norway), Mats Sigstad (Norway) Ian Clark (England), Mark Ryder (USA), Amit De (England), Tim Westcott (England)
Under 30 Nations Cup Dries Van De Sande, Gert-Jan Dugardein, Roeland De Geest, Tim Van der Heyden Brandon Blackwell, Alan Lin, Carlo Aiello, Aidan Leahy
Speed Quiz Alan Lin (USA) Tom Trogh (Belgium), Brandon Blackwell (USA)
Specialist – National Ronny Swiggers, Tom Trogh, Nico Pattyn, Stijn Gyselinckx, Paul Arts, Lander Frederickx, Bruno De Laet, Dries Van De Sande Ole Martin Halck, Leif-Atle Heen, Espen Iversen, Geir H. Kristiansen, Lars Heggland, Tore Heliks Van Dahl, Mats Sigstad Matt Jackson, Clifford Galiher, Brandon Blackwell, Jakob Myers, Alan Lin, Kathryn Verwillow, Raj Dhuwalia, Shane Whitlock
Specialist – Pentathlon Tom Trogh (Belgium) Matt Jackson (USA) Ian Bayley (England)
Specialist – High Brow Matt Jackson (USA) Ian Bayley (England) Daoud Jackson (England)
Specialist – Populist Tom Trogh (Belgium) Krešimir Štimac (Croatia) Lander Frederickx (Belgium)
Specialist – HB – Literature Daoud Jackson (England), Ole Martin Halck (Norway) Matt Jackson (USA)
Specialist – HB – Performing Arts Daoud Jackson (England) Ian Bayley (England) Matt Jackson (USA)
Specialist – HB – Geography Paul Arts (Belgium), Ove Põder (Estonia) Jakob Myers (USA), Shane Whitlock (USA)
Specialist – HB – Visual Arts Ronny Swiggers (Belgium) Domagoj Pozderac (Croatia) Ian Bayley (England)
Specialist – HB – Sciences Ian Bayley (England) Raj Dhuwalia (USA) Jack Pollock (Scotland), Matt Jackson (USA), Lander Frederickx (Belgium)
Specialist – HB – History Nico Pattyn (Belgium), Jakob Myers (USA) Matt Jackson (USA)
Specialist – P – Film Clifford Galiher (USA) Leif-Atle Heen (Norway), Krešimir Štimac (Croatia)
Specialist – P – Television Espen Iversen (Norway) Sonja Sirnes (Norway), Krešimir Štimac (Croatia), Galen Chung (Scotland), Arild Tørum (Norway), Stijn Gyselinckx (Belgium)
Specialist – P – Digital and Technology Tom Trogh (Belgium) Michael-Dennis Biemans (Netherlands) Brandon Blackwell (USA), Johannes Eibl (Austria)
Specialist – P – Business Sebastian Klussmann (Germany) Tom Trogh (Belgium) Anton Jacobsen (Denmark), Derk de Graaf (Belgium)
Specialist – P – Sport Bruno De Laet (Belgium) Tom Trogh (Belgium), Dries Van De Sande (Belgium)
Specialist – P – Pop Music Lander Frederickx (Belgium) Igor Habal (Estonia) Tom Trogh (Belgium)
Frankenquiz David Cowan (Wales), Ian Clark (England), Matt Todd (England), Tim Westcott (England) Ned Pendleton (England), Dean Kotiga (Croatia), Daoud Jackson (England), Perica Živanović (Croatia) Aidan Leahy (USA), David Legler (USA), Matt Jackson (USA), Jakob Myers (USA)
Individual Quiz Mark Henry (Ireland) Ronny Swiggers (Belgium) Tero Kalliolevo (Finland)
Under 30 Individual Quiz Daoud Jackson (England) Lander Frederickx (Belgium) Krešimir Štimac (Croatia)
World Club Team Quiz Tero Kalliolevo (Finland), Ove Põder (Estonia), Kaarel Silmato (Estonia), Tauno Vahter (Estonia) Dean Kotiga (Croatia), Shane Whitlock (USA), Daoud Jackson (England), Neven Trgovec (Croatia) Sebastian Klussmann (Germany), Igor Habal (Estonia), Mark Ryder (USA), Mark Henry (Ireland)
Knockout Quiz Kaarel Silmato (Estonia) Illar Tõnisson (Estonia) Ove Põder (Estonia)
Pairs Championship Ronny Swiggers (Belgium), Tero Kalliolevo (Finland) Nico Pattyn (Belgium), Jens Everaerdt (Belgium) Tom Trogh (Belgium), Derk de Graaf (Belgium)
Under 30 Pairs Championship Dries Van De Sande (Belgium), Lander Frederickx (Belgium) Krešimir Štimac (Croatia), Neven Trgovec (Croatia) Max Fitz-James (France), Vincent Rousset (France)
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