Medley Medals


Your top five scoring papers (if you play in five or more Specialist Quizzes) will make up your Pentathlon score. In order to iron out any issues arising from one paper being easier than another, everyone’s scores will be worked out as a percentage of the highest score on that paper.

Olympiad medals will be awarded to the top three pentathletes.

And there’s more…

National Medals

The highest scores from each country on all of the 12 papers will be added together to effectively create national teams for this competition (calculated in the same way as for the Pentathlon). So, even if you’re not part of your official national team, you could still win an Olympiad medal for your country in this competition.

Olympiad medals will be awarded to all players whose scores contribute to a nation’s podium finish.

And there’s even more…

High Brow and Populist Medals

The 12 Specialist Quizzes are divided equally into two groups – high brow and populist. Should you complete four or more quizzes in either group, your best four of these (calculated in the same way as for the Pentathlon) will be aggregated to find your score in either the High Brow (HB) or Populist (P) groupings.

For this year’s Quiz Olympiad, the following schedule has been decided for the 12 Specialist Quizzes. As each topic pair is played simultaneously, you will need to decide which you would prefer to take part in.

  • Literature (HB) / Film (P)
    Performing Arts (HB) / Television (P)
    Geography (HB) / Digital (P)
    Visual Arts (HB) / Business (P)
    Sciences (HB) / Sport (P)
    History (HB) / Pop Music (P)

Olympiad medals will be awarded to the top three players in each of these groups.
Scratch teams can either be formed online on our Facebook page (there's a dedicated thread for this), or at the event itself.


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e: [email protected]


There are many and varied sponsorship opportunities at the Quiz Olympiad including sponsoring teams, players, events and the whole competition. All sponsorship must be done via the IQA so we can ensure sponsors are suitable and don’t compete with each other.

Contact us for more information.

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